Leaving Hilton Head Island for the FMCA rally in Georgia

Thursday, right after I got off work, we hooked up the jeep and left Hilton Head Island. The reason for the rush is that the next morning almost 70 coaches would be leaving the Resort and heading the same direction that we were. Better to beat the crowd! It was not difficult to leave the Island because we have been there a long enough to see what we wanted, but it was hard to leave our friends. I just refused to say goodbye, and settled for "see you later". And I have learned that there is a good change that I will, in fact, see them again; that makes it a little easier.
Because we left late in the day, we didn't worry about going too far. We headed for Metter, Georgia, and checked into the Beaver Run RV Park. It is quite a bit different than Hilton Head; the roads are gravel, the pads are sand, and there isn't a pool. But there is a beautiful lake, the bathrooms are spotless, and the people are very warm and welcoming. Instead of Hilton Head's "Friday Meet and Greet", Beaver Run has "Thursday's Pot Luck". We were invited to share a hearty meal that included pulled pork, sweet potatoes, spanish rice, broccoli, homemade bread and a other goodies.
We really enjoyed their hospitality but we still had to leave in the morning because we are scheduled to be in Perry for the FMCA rally. The rally doesn't start until Monday but as volunteers, we need to be here early enough to learn the ropes. We are parked in the fairground field now, without water or sewer but hooked up to 30 amp power, and tomorrow we will see what the rally is all about.

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