Go see Jeannie Robertson when you can

It was cold this morning but not raining, so that was a big improvement.  Randy went to a seminar but I stayed inside until the day warmed up a bit. Then we both went to check out the vendor displays and RV sales. They weren't giving anything away for free, so no new RV yet. Our volunteer shift started at 6:30 tonight. The only thing going on tonight was the show at the Arena, so we ferried guests from the handicap parking lots to the Arena until 8pm. Then we got to quit driving and enjoy the show, and as handicap drivers, we got front row seats! The entertainer tonight was Jeannie Robertson, and she was very, very funny. A couple of times I laughed so hard that I could hardly breath! She takes ordinary slices of life and looks at them as funny, so everyone can see how to smile through the day. She is the best part of the FMCA rally so far! 

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