Looking around South Padre Island

Our morning on South Padre Island started with a walk on the beach. Then we joined our friends for breakfast at Pier 19. They are famous for their Texas Cinnamon Roll, so named because, like so much of Texas, it's super-sized!
There were 7 of us at breakfast and we still couldn't finish it! Of course, in my case that had something to do with the chocolate chip pancakes I ordered. To walk off some of that bounty, we went to the beach. We didn't exactly power-walk; it was more like a stroll, looking for shells. In the afternoon Kris drove her sister to the airport, and the guys when biking. I didn't do either of those, I just goofed off.

The beach here is hard enough to drive on, so after the guys got back, Randy R. drove us along the beach for about 5 miles. There has been some erosion here over the years, so there is an on-going effort to maintain the beach. In one area we could see the old rolls of hay that have been placed there to help trap the sand. 
Randy stopped the car so we could get out and walk up the larger dunes. So far, we love South Padre Island!

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