A disappointing RV park

Another day on the road, this time to an RV park north of Waco. The Waco North RV park is a good example of how, in spite of all the research, sometimes you get an unpleasant surprise. I called to confirm the directions to the park and the woman at the office told me to take exit 354. When I checked the map, that didn't make sense. I called back and this time she admitted that she didn't really know which exit I should take. We eventually arrived and the woman I had spoken with checked us in, got into her golf cart, and led us to a site. The interior road were awful, full of ruts, gouges and hills. When we got to the site Randy discovered that the water didn't work. The woman seemed lost, and finally said we should move to the next site, which was right next to a 5th wheel. She led us around the loop so we could come into the site correctly, but took a shortcut that was fine for a golf cart but impossible for a big RV. Randy had to drive back to the front of the park and retrace the whole route; meanwhile the woman just left us and parked her cart. The sites are so close together that our slides hung out over the neighbor's table and chairs, but it started to rain so we decided to just stay put. But tomorrow we will be glad to leave.

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