Medina, Texas

We didn't need to get up very early this morning, just early enough to go to the store and get a few things we may need at our gate-guarding job. We don't know everything we will need yet, but friends who are already doing this have given us some suggestions. Then Marla, Jordan and little Liam came by to say goodbye to us, and we were off again. 

In town the major highways like I-35 have a frontage road on each side that runs the entire length of the highway. We realized that if we were on the frontage road we had a better shot at finding a restaurant we could fit the RV in. Even so, What-a-Burger was the best we could find. Well, hamburgers can be good for breakfast, if they are good burgers. And these were quite good. 

Then we headed out 16 towards Medina. 16 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it was multi-lane over half the way, and even after that it was OK. This is Texas Hill Country and it lives up to its name, with lots of hills but no mountains. 
This is a green land but unlike the Midwest, the trees are mostly scrubby-looking things, probably mesquite. As we got further away from San Antonio, the trees got a little taller, but they still had that scrub look.
Every time we came to a dip in the road, there was a flood gauge. Not a comforting thought, that there could be 5 feet of water over the road. And apparently it happens fairly often because there are several signs like this along the road.
We pulled into the RV park around 1pm. It's a nice, friendly park, just 4 miles from the office we will go do tomorrow. Since we got here so early, we decided to drive back those 4 miles to have a look at the town of Medina. And here's what I learned about Medina - if you blink, you will miss it. This town is even smaller than Los Algadones. The whole town is about 4 blocks long but it's just along the highway; no town side streets, no restaurants, no grocery stores, not much of anything. Back to the RV to rest.

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