From Memphis to Texarkana

Yesterday Randy drove us from Sikeston to Memphis. We could have gone farther but when we are near Memphis we like to go to Corky's and get some great ribs. Although we have been here several times, I have never taken a picture of the ribs. The reason is simply that I just dive in and start eating! This time was no different, but I did pause long enough to take a picture of half of the rack. The other half was long gone.
We spent the night at the T.O. Fuller park, turning in early because we planned an early start on Wednesday. And today we were on the road by 7:30. We didn't get far before stopping at a Waffle House for breakfast, but after that Randy put some real miles behind us. Unfortunately it seemed about a third of the road was under construction, and construction lanes are not created with big rigs in mind. I don't know how he drives on some of these.
Eventually we pulled up in Texarkana around 3 pm. As we go farther south, of course, it gets hotter, and even with the air conditioning running it can get warm in the RV. I was ecstatic to find that there is a lovely pool at the Sunrise RV Park. I was afraid it would be bath-water hot, but to my surprise it was slightly cool - which made it just perfect! After lounging around in the pool a bit we went back to our RV and had the leftovers from our dinner at Lambert's Cafe.

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