Kerrville and Zombie Defense

We are ready to start a gate-guarding job, as soon as one becomes available. On Tuesday one opened up and it sounded great to us, but it turned out that our RV is too large for that one. I don't know what the area is like but the site manager said it would tear up our RV, so of course we had to pass. So now we are waiting for another opportunity to open up. 

While we are waiting, we are getting a couple of things done. The back air conditioner started dripping water on the bed, instead of funneling it outside. Randy had to climb up on the roof a couple of times to clean it out, but it looks like it may be fixed now. I am painting the bathroom floor; Randy took off the cracked tile and eventually we will replace it, but for now we are making do with the subfloor. I am also keeping up with laundry, since our first days on the job may not allow for a trip to town, and we don't know how far "town" will be. 

We are also looking around this area and today we went to Kerrville, 20 miles north of our RV park. Back when we were planning our route to Medina I thought it might be a good route for the RV, until a workamper at the RV park said not to try it. So Randy drove the RV into Medina on the southern road, and today I discovered why that was a good choice. The road between Medina and Kerrville has a couple of sections full of steep grades and hairpin turns. But in the Jeep it's fine. We found a good place in town for lunch - Classic Burgers and More. These are awesome burgers! Big, meaty burgers with a thick layer of bacon.
We finished our lunch (which was so big that it turned out to be our lunch and dinner combined) and looked around the town. We were able to get replacements for our vacuum cleaner, fan and CO monitor. Another store, Gibson's Discount Center, is a lot like an old General Store except it's a lot bigger and has a little of everything.
Does it really have everything? Well, I think if a store has a "Zombie Defense" crossbow, that's close enough.

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