Just another day

I took a walk around the outskirts of the RV park today and found a the liveliest ant colony I've ever seen. lt was just a flat spot on a path, with a couple of little paths running from it into the brush. The entrance was extremely busy - ants just pouring in and out, and most had something in their jaws. 
I thought the ants were taking advantage of a path something else made, but apparently they made it themselves; I think these big-headed critters are red harvester ants. I was afraid to mess with them, although the urge to touch was almost overwhelming, but they probably would not have hurt me. They may be red, but they are not fire ants. At any rate, I left them alone.

Back in June I shut the RV door on my fingernail. I expected to loose the nail; at one point the the whole thing turned black
but it stayed on, and a new nail started growing behind it. Now it's a normal except for a crease in the middle, which hopefully will grow out.

I must be bored if I am writing about ants and fingernails.

The RV park has nice pool. In typical Texan fashion, it is shaped in the shape of Texas. I was going to take a dip in the pool this afternoon; got my bathing suit and sunglasses on, took a big towel, and wandered over to dip my toes in the pool. At that point I wandered right back to the RV - that water is too cool to get into!
Today Randy cleaned some cabinets and baked bread. All this is really makeweight because behind everything we are thinking about the floor problem. We have to fix the original problem, which is water getting in around the slide, and then fix the floor. This is heartbreaking right now.

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