Gruene, Texas

Marla offered to chauffeur us all around today. Lance couldn't be there, but their kids Jordan and Liam were. Jordan gave me some line about how she isn't crazy about little kids, but even as those words left her mouth I noticed she was holding up Lian's chin so he could sleep comfortably. I think she has a soft spot for Liam.
Marla drove us to the historic town of Gruene. Gruene is pronounced "green", which leads to some cutsy signs around town. 
Marla knows the good places to eat around here, so she directed us to the Gristmill where we all ordered off-the-menu ribs, sauce on the side. The ribs were meaty and tender - I ate all of mine! Their version of french fries are deep-fried whole potato slices and I was prepared to not like them, but when dipped in the BBQ sauce, they are great. 
The town is full of cute and unique shops, and it's very scenic. I asked Jordan to stand by the flowers; she is one of my favorite models, and prettier than the flowers around her.
Afterwards Marla drove us through Landa park in New Braunfels, where deer browse in the yards.
We went back to the RV to let the dogs out, took a quick nap, then headed over to Marla's where Randy make shrimp and grits - a good ending to a good day!

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