St. Louis to Sikeston

Randy got up really early this morning to get the Jeep looked at first thing. I stayed home and packed up the RV again (after the dogs and I got up much later) and we were on the road by noon. Since we didn't have a full day to travel, we just went as far as Sikeston. It's always expected - I think it might be an actual law - that when you go to Sikeston you eat at Lambert's Cafe, Home of the Throwed Rolls. It's just a half a mile from the RV park so we walked there. Since we went at 4:00 on Monday, we didn't have to wait for a table. We've been there several times, so we know how to order; we choose something that will warm up the next day, then basically fill up on the pass-arounds (fried okra, mac-and-tomatoes, fried potatoes, etc) and hot rolls. The rolls, of course, are their claim to fame; they really do throw them. Every time we've been there, the young man who tosses the rolls across the room has been a dead-shot.
And then they bring around sorghum and apple butter to drizzle over the rolls. This is awesome.
We were full of rolls and had a big doggie bag of our entrĂ©es, so we let the Lambert's driver take us back to the RV parkThere we spent a quiet evening, resting for another day on the road tomorrow.

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