Still waiting...

We've been here since Sunday night and still no job. It was our understanding that if we could get here by the 15th, there was a gate for us. That hasn't worked out and we are getting a little discouraged. We are parked in the Hill Country RV park and it’s a nice park, but we are spending $ instead of making it! Hopefully something will open up today or tomorrow, because I don’t think the office is open over the weekend.

So we are still here. Today we drove east, to Bandera. It's a small town between Medina and San Antonio, and like Medina, it's pretty much just along the highway. A couple of people had recommended the OST restaurant, so we went there. "OST" stands for "Old Spanish Trail" and it's been here forever. The pork chops Randy ordered were a bit too dry, but my Mexican dinner was really good.
Once again our lunch was big enough to be our dinner, too. So to walk off a little bit of it, we walked through the town. Downtown is mostly a tourist town, but it's pretty nice. There are a ton of cowboy clothing stores, cowboy antiques, cowboy get the idea. Even the bar seats in the restaurant are saddles.
And cowgirl boots are gettin' fancy.

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