Today we went to Medina to sign up at a company that supplies gate-guards to various business. It took a couple of hours to get through everything, and by then we were getting hungry. I was wrong about Medina, there are actually 2 restaurants in town - a BBQ place and a Cafe. On a recommendation we went to the Cafe, which is attached to the Apple Store. The burger was good but the special, Chicken chipotle with bacon/raspberry sauce, was even better. 
Marla had mentioned something about Texas that I hadn't noticed, but it's true - Texans love to advertise their pride in Texas. The Texas star or flag or state shape is on chairs, doors, floors, walls - even truck tailgates. 
Even without those, though, it's easy to know you are in Texas. Antlers are an essential - and omnipresent - decorating material.
 Furniture is made of real wood, not particle board.
And I doubt if you will find deer inside an office anywhere else.

... he's right behind me, isn't he?

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