Settling in Schertz for a couple of days

We didn't hit the road quite as early today as we have the last couple of days, because we weren't planning on going far - just 177 miles to Schertz, Texas. Along the way we started seeing the sights that have come to mean "Southern and/or Texas" to me - things like What-A-Burger (good), Buc-ee's gas/food station (interesting), and H.E.B grocery store (wonderful!). And frontage roads - lots and lots of frontage roads. I think they have a mile of frontage road for every mile of freeway. And lot of that big, big sky!

The reason for stopping in Schertz is because our nephew Lance and his family live nearby. Lance was traveling for work today so we got to spend time with his beautiful wife, lovely daughter and very lively year-old son. We all went to Zio's for Italian food, then called it for the night; we were worn out. I think the last couple of days just caught up with me, but tomorrow we will get to spend more time with them.

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