Florida's old Capitol building

We went downtown today, to see the hold Florida Capitol building. This building was expanded several times before being restored it its 1845 appearance, right down to the pretty pink and white striped awnings over the windows.
It is well preserved, but not used. Unlike the historic capitol building in San Antonio, this is just a tourist attraction. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good building, to me. Inside it's not nearly as ornate as most old government buildings. I really liked the clean lines and beautiful colors.
The rooms, with the exception of the Senate and House rooms, have very little to do with the history of this place. Instead they are used for exhibits about Florida's general past and future, and each one includes a "why it matters to you" poster, as if we tourists are not smart enough to understand. 

 Nearby is the First Presbyterian Church of Tallahassee. It's a lovely old building, built in the mid 1800s.
Inside is a fairly simple sanctuary, with a gorgeous pipe organ at the back. The building's claim to fame is its preserved "slave galleries", which I assume are the balconies. 

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