Toll Road surprise

Since our new battery fixed our car problem, we went out today to a flea market. Our path took us on one of Florida's many, many toll roads. We paid $3.50 along the way, then, at the exit, we had to pay again. But we ran into trouble there; the "cash" line was backed up. Tomorrow we will have a working Sun Pass, but we didn't have it today so we couldn't go through the Sun Pass lane without incurring a big fine. After several minutes Randy got out of the car to see what was going on. It turns out a car had quit working at the payment booth. Then a van tried to squeeze past and got stuck. Now nobody was going anywhere. 
Eventually a policeman arrived and while sorting things out, he gave out some pre-stamped envelopes so people could go through the Sun Pass booth and just mail in the 75 cent toll. No cash is allowed through the mail, so yes, we will have to send in a check for 75 cents. And while we were talking to some of the other motorists, my ankle started hurting; I was standing in a hill of fire ants!

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