Saturday at the Rally

We discovered that there are a lot of fleas in the grass here; our ankles are covered in flea bites. But they don't itch, so it's not bad. What is bad is that the car would not start today. Nothing. Our neighbors were getting ready to go to the same flea market we were headed to, so I asked them for a jump. It took a couple of tries but eventually the jeep did start. Since the battery was still under warranty, we drove to Walmart to get the battery replaced. Instead they tested it and told us it was perfectly fine. Well, who knows, maybe it is; the jeep did start working again.

So we went to the flea market after all. It's a big one and we walked the whole thing, but didn't find anything we couldn't live without. One whole building holds a huge pile of junk; how do they expect to sell any of this stuff, when it looks like a hoarder's house?
Back at the rally, Randy worked in the kitchen a lot, and the cornish hen dinner turned out fine. 

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