A short, difficult journey to Orlando

It's just 115 miles from the RV park in Homosassa to our next RV park, southeast of Orlando. Even allowing for driving a modest speed to avoid accidents with all the yahoos who like to pull in front of RVs and slow down, it should have been a 2 hour drive. Instead it took us over 4. Over half the road was under construction. And populated with about 200 stop lights. And it's Saturday. And it rained the whole way. 

When we finally arrived, we hooked up the RV and got into the jeep. It took several tries to start the Jeep; when it finally did start we drove straight to Walmart to get the battery replaced. We tried to do that a couple of weeks ago but the Walmart in Homosassa assured us the battery was fine. 

It all made for an exasperating day. We closed it by ordering a Pizza Hut pizza, renting "The Martian", and relaxing at home. 

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