The Village of Golf Carts

Brenda played the role of tour guide again, driving us all to lunch at Olive Garden, then on to The Villages. The Villages is a huge planned community for retirees, an "age-restricted community" with a population of about 114,000. It's a huge area, of course, with several different neighborhoods and shopping centers. Someone described it as “a landlocked cruise ship. It's got everything you want to do, 16 hours a day. But then everything shuts down at 10 p.m.” Brenda took us to the local Goodwill (which is the best Goodwill I've ever been in), then to one of the quaint areas, with cute stores full of nice things. But the most eye-catching thing are the golf carts - they are everywhere. Along every road runs a golf cart road, big enough for two golf cars to pass each other. This road even goes under the highway, so carts can get everywhere cars can go. And even regular roads have parking spaces for both cars and golf carts. 
 And they love their golf carts here; many of them look like awesome little cars. I admit it  - I want this!

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