On to Homosassa Springs

Today we drove to Homosassa Springs, where we are parked just a couple of miles from our friends Brenda and Woody. It has been over two years since we saw them! I've had the blues for awhile, but Brenda will cheer me up! We  all went out to dinner at Peck's Old Port Cove, and Brenda and Woody both recommended the crab-stuffed grouper. We both ordered that, and it was one of the best seafood dinners I've ever had in a restaurant. I like seafood but I normally don't get overly excited about it; this was different. It was simply excellent.
And the waitress gave us a couple of free pieces of key lime pie (one as an apology for being out of sweet potatoes, and one for Randy's birthday). Wonderful! Afterwards we went back to their RV and sat around a campfire. After Carrabella and the rally, it feels like we are back in civilization.

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