Passport America Rally in Tallahassee

We were so ready to leave Carrabella; there just wasn't much to do there. Our next stop was the Passport America Rally in Tallahassee, Florida. The rally was held in the city fairgrounds, where we had 30 amp hookup and water, but no sewer connection. This is pretty much standard procedure; at the FMCA rally in 2014, we had neither water or sewer. Here we pulled into our site and joked about the lakeside view; it had rained fiercely the day before.
There were only about 150 RVs here, making it a small rally. Well, that's OK, they have to start somewhere. But there weren't  many events or seminars scheduled. They did, however, have meals planed for every night. The meal for the next night was going to be roasted cornish hens. Today the hens were still frozen; Randy suggested they be thawed out in water and cut in half, to be ready for seasoning and cooking tomorrow. Cornish hens are small, but it still takes a while to thaw them, and the kitchen was only available until 3 pm. So I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen with another lady, man-handling half-frozen cornish hens, prying their little legs apart to get the ice out of their little cavity. It was a mess! We finished right at 3, with Randy cutting and bagging them as soon as they were ready.

Later that night we joined the rest of the crowd for a pulled pork dinner, which, although not nearly as good as Randy's, was still pretty good. 

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