Arriving at South Padre Island

It's a pretty long drive from San Antonio to South Padre Island. We don't usually cover 320 miles a day in the RV any more, but this time it made sense to drive straight through. Fortunately the road was multi-lane the whole way. At the end of the drive we crossed a 2-mile bridge to check in at the Isla Blanca RV Park.
After hooking up the RV, we drove back to the mainland to meet up with Aaron and Randy. We sat on the back porch/deck, soaked up the sun, and visited. Soon Kris, her sister and her mom came home, and we all headed back to South Padre Island, where Louie's Backyard is located. Their buffet included ribs, blackened fish, baked potatoes, and several kinds of shrimp. They have crab legs, so of course I got a plateful of those. They have prime rib, so of course Randy got a lot of that. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy eating. For dessert we had coupons for free 6-layer chocolate cake. I didn't take any pictures because I was still too busy. We all ate too much and rolled out the front door. At the front of the restaurant is a big, tall sand sculpture. That wasn't edible, so I did take a picture of it!

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