Old Mexico in San Antonio

It rained early this morning but cleared up by 10, so we went to the Mexican Flea Market in downtown San Antonio. And discovered that it's not a flea market at all, it's an enclosed shopping district. Not what we were hoping for, but since we were there, we went through all the stores. Outside of one was a memorial of sorts for deceased loved ones. 
There were some nice things for sale, but most of the stores all had the same stuff. We probably enjoyed the bakery as much as anything. They had a big selection of goodies, and the ceiling was full of pretty decorations.
Across the street from the Market is a Salvation Army outlet with a really nice mural on the outside. Never saw one decorated like this before!
A map showed us that the old Spanish Governor's palace was within easy walking distance, just a couple of blocks, so we went to see that. 
At least one part of the building is from 1722, although more rooms were added on as the years went by. Crowned double eagles are an important motif here; they are carved on the top of a wooden chest, on the back of the patio bench, and over the main door.
When I see something like this place, I always think of the old Zorro TV show, where the Comandante issued orders to his sergeant or caballeros entertained guests.
But they would have been short caballeros.
But for once I wasn't really interested in the story of the place, I just love the look of it so much. Personally, finding places like this is why I love to travel.

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