South Padre Island Beach

Best way to start the morning? Walk on the beach!
When it got a little lighter, we took the dogs out for a walk. Shorty loves to walk/run on the beach but he doesn't want to get in the water. Randy tried to show him it's OK, but Shorty wasn't buying it.
The forecast said it would be 78 degrees today - a great day to lay on the beach. Randy R. has a big truck and lots of experience driving here, so he took us out. This is the first place I recall where cars and trucks can drive along the beach, and it's a great way to get away from the crowds!
We found a nice spot, set up the awning, and set out the chairs. Before setting down, we all did a little shelling. Occasionally we would see a little lumps of hard black stuff on the beach; it's oil. Oil washed up here last March, although nobody knows where it came from. But there has been a lot of cleanup and it's not very noticeable; it only showed up when I dug my toes in the sand.
No problem, we were there to relax, so everyone got a chair and a good book and got busy! 
It was a fine, sunny day, and really windy. After a long afternoon on the beach we were so relaxed that we didn't go out for dinner. We went back to Kris's mom's place and had sandwiches and chips - a perfect ending to the day.

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