Food, food, food

I feel like I haven't done anything besides eat since we got here. One night Randy cooked dinner at Marla's, fixing steak, coleslaw, bread and Tiramisu. Marla added some delicious potatoes and mac and cheese, and I ate myself senseless. 

The next morning Randy fixed coddled eggs for our breakfast. These are excellent!
Wednesday we went to the justifiably-famous Magnolia Pancake Haus, where Randy's Corned Beef Hash and my Eggs Benedict both came with a side order of pancake. Marla provided dinner that night - mozzarella-stuffed meatballs with pasta, with chocolate truffles for dessert. And the next night she made Philly steak in puff-pastry. 

Tonight Chris arrived for a visit. Since we had a lot of talking to do and we all showed up at Marla's at different times, we ordered pizza. 

I may have to buy bigger clothes.

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