A quick visit

Today we had arranged to meet friends out in the country, at their RV. They are gate-guarding, which is something we tried to do in 2014. It didn't work out for us but John and Diane have been doing it, off and on, for several years. When Randy set this up, we planned on getting there around noon. But I was ready early today, and we had a lot of things to get done in the afternoon, and it's 120 miles to their place, so we left early and arrived at 10:30. And discovered that 10:30 was a terrible time to visit! John was right in the middle of his sleeping hours and Diane was very, very busy, recording every vehicle that goes in or out of the gate! And there was a lot of traffic today; right after we arrived, a group of 5 or 6 trucks came in, and it continued like that the whole time we were there.

So we visited for just a few minutes. Diane told us about their current job, and how much they like their new RV. We have sometimes wondered if we would really like gate-guarding, but there is no doubt it suits them to a T. Diane is creating her own Disney animal family here; she has half-tame deer, rabbits and lots of birds, including this road runner who takes treats from her hand. 
As we got ready to go, Diane woke John up, just for the pleasure of saying goodbye to us! They were great sports about our poorly-timed visit; hopefully the next one will be better coordinated!

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