Deming and Palomas

We moved just a little down the road today, to Deming, where we checked into an Escapee park. There isn’t a lot going on in Deming; the main reason we stop there is that it is a reasonably priced stop off I-10, and just 40 miles south is the Mexican tourist town of Palomas. The weather continued to be cold, cloudy and wet. 
It rained most of the way to Palomas, but fortunately it quit raining before we reached the border. Palomas is almost the Mexican equivalent of Deming; not much going on, but they do have one big tourist store - the Pink Store. 
The Pink Store has a ton of stuff for sale; I always feel a real need to buy something here! The staff encourages this feeling by handing out free margaritas to people who are browsing. 
Randy got some real vanilla, and I bought a bunch of cute little tiles, each painted differently, that I plan to do something with, someday. Then we went into their restaurant for lunch, where they serve good Mexican food and Coca Cola Light.
And the mariachi band was a pretty good!
Then we went back in Deming, where Randy got online for awhile and I got caught up on laundry; we will be in a state park for a couple of days and they generally don’t have those facilities. We want to get an early start tomorrow, so we hooked up the car tonight.

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