Balmorhea State Park

We were on the road before 7 am today because we had about 300 miles to cover. That’s not bad in a car, but RV driving is different. And the weather didn't help at all. It was dark, foggy and rainy. Later it got a little lighter, but the foggy and rainy stayed with us. 
In El Paso we ran into quite a bit of traffic. We thought there might be an accident, because the weather was so bad. There was an accident, but it was in the Westbound lane. Didn't make any difference, everyone in the Eastbound lane had to slow down to look at it. So we had to slow down, too, and looked out the window at Mexico.
And kept driving in the rain. 
Eventually we outdrove the rain, and the big Texas sky opened up to us. This is what most of Texas looks like (as far as we know).
On these long trips Shorty likes to ride on Randy's knee, but when we are going through a town or construction, he has to join Julienne on my lap. It's a bit crowded, but everyone adjusts.
We settled in at the Balmorhea State Park. 
Its claim to fame is the big outdoor pool that the CCC built in the mid-1930s to capture the San Solomon Springs. 
The water here is crystal clear, even where it’s 25 feet deep. And along the banks are tiny little fish that flash like a rainbow when the sun hits them. These are the Pecos Gambusia, which are found only in parts of Texas and New Mexico. They don't photograph at all, but the water is beautiful anyway.
However, the water is 72 degrees today. That is way too cold for me but it takes more than that to keep Randy out of water. He considered the best way to get in, 
then just dove in! 
He assured me that it felt pretty good once he was in, but I stayed on the bank!

After dinner I went outside to enjoy the sunset, and surprised a bobcat, just a few yards away from our RV. It quickly scooted away. I think it’s hunting for rabbits; there are a ton of little bunnies running around here.

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