From Balmorhea to San Antonio

Our 2nd day at Balmorhea was quite boring. The wind and temperature prevented us from getting in the pool again; in fact, it wasn’t comfortable to be outside at all. So we stayed inside most of the day. There was no wifi so I couldn’t waste time online, but I didn’t feel well anyway, so I read and rested most of the day. Randy did a little cooking, played flutes, and wished the day away. 

We left early the next morning, just in time for a lovely sunrise. 
We drove on to Junction, Texas, because it seemed like a good place to stop. And it was OK, but by the end of the day we realized there not much to do in Junction, either. So the next morning, when we considered how to spend the day, we decided the best way to spend it was driving to San Antonio. The place we normally stay in San Antonio has really jacked their prices up, so we looked for another one. There were 2 main criteria - close enough to visit Lance and not outrageously priced. We ended up at Twin Pines. It is obvious why it's modestly priced, but you get what you pay for, and we are really glad to be where we can visit with Lance's family. We went over to see them first night we got in town, and Marla picked up Cane’s Fried Chicken for everyone. Cane’s is a local favorite because they do fried chicken right. 

Sunday we joined them at church, then went out to lunch. WAY out - about 50 miles - to Salt Lick BBQ. This is in the middle of nowhere but it seems to be always packed, which is a very good sign. They have large outside patio but that day it was pretty chilly, so they were seating everyone inside. And right inside the door is a huge BBQ pit, with ribs banked around the edges and sausage links hanging overhead. Awesome!
Now everyone in our group were really hungry. Soon we settled down to a great lunch: ribs, brisket, pulled pork and smoked sausage with slaw, potato salad and green bean casserole. After all this, the waitress actually asked us if we wanted dessert! Pass! 

After lunch we drove home to check on Julienne. She has start to keep her back left paw off the ground. It looked like she might have a chapped pad on that paw, so I started putting Vaseline on it. Then Randy and I went over to Lance’s house for some delayed dessert. Randy brought the pans and ingredients with him to make Abelskiver. It was certainly more than we needed, but we ate most of it anyway.

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