Walking Riverwalk

Today was overcast with moderate temperatures; a good day to go to Riverwalk. We were there in January of 2012, but we didn't spend much time there because the Alamo had our attention. This time we wanted to see more of it. 

Since Randy had already fixed breakfast for us - french toast, eggs and fried gyro - we were not ready for lunch yet. So we walked half of the U-shaped shopping/restaurant district, then turned right into a quieter area. 
It was about 1 mile to the small lock-and-dam that regulates the water level. The tour boats that go through here have to wait for the water level to change before continuing. 
This part of the Riverwalk is a great place to exercise. Not only are all the walkways paved, but the scenery is attractive, like this pretty little waterfall.
In one area the builders paid tribute to past workers by preserving old tools in the concrete.
Eventually we had to walk up to street level to continue. There we found the beautiful red sandstone Bexar County Courthouse. Love the detail in these old buildings; this one was built in the 1890s.
When we went back down to the river level, we saw another kind of boat on the water. This one has arms on both sides that spread out or fold in. Each arm has 6 nets that drag through the water. This thing is picking up all the liter that messy people drop!
Nearby is a large sculpture of a Vaquero herding some lively cattle. 
We never saw any fish in the water, but there were lots of squirrels running around. And lots of birds - ducks, sparrows, blackbirds, and at least one white chicken. 

By the time we got back to the restaurant district, we were hungry. We got burgers and fries at Lone Star Cafe; OK, but not something we will hurry back to. We sat on the upper level patio, and the nearby trees were full of pigeons, sparrows and blackbirds who, in spite of signs saying otherwise, expected to be fed. This couple were attentive, but when they weren't staring at our food, they were cuddling together. They were very affectionate - this was the first time I've seen pigeons mate!

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