2015 Antique Engine and Tractor Show - Day 1

So begins the 2015 Antique Engine and Tractor Show! The tractors that were covered up yesterday are uncovered now, and proudly on display.
My personal favorites, the big steam engines, started the day parked in their shed. They were fired up while sitting in the shed, to get a good head of steam; this is how the shed roof got those smoke smudges. 
One by one they left the shed and went out on the grounds. I love the sounds these make - old fashioned power! My favorite, the 1914 Steam Roller, is still going strong, fed by coal shoveled into the fire box by the guy walking behind it.
At 1:00 the parade started; Randy and I were both working in the kitchen so we didn't see most of it this year. But I got a look at the vehicle that led the parade - a big tank on loan from nearby Camp Pendelton.
Cousin Jack was there, of course, on one of his tractors. This one is a Farmall B; Jack restored it himself, and it looks great!
I was glad to see more children involved in the parade this year. Some of the regulars here are getting along in years, and they need some youngsters in here!

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