Julienne and Shorty

Today was the first time I saw Julienne actually ask Shorty to play! Usually he is the one who initiates it. I am sure she has done this in the past, but not around us. Julienne will never be as close to Shorty as she was to Sugarbaby, and that bothers us, but Julienne has always been a little "different". But today, as they laid on opposite ends of the couch, she stood up, looked over at him, and did a lovely "downward dog" movement towards him. He was so excited it that he belly-crawled across the couch to get to her!
And then play! It is so wonderful to see her engage with him. 
Shorty seemed to know when she was done, so he ended by licking her forehead; it's one of the few gestures she will almost always accept from him.
I think he knows she is "special" and loves her anyway.

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