Our RV site in Vista

We are not making a lot of changes to our site here because the next plan for this area is a building. Don't know when that will happen, but the building planners have been out looking at the land. That's too bad, because we are parked at the edge of the RV area and have the nicest and biggest site here. Of course, it took a some work to make it habitable. Randy had to fix the wiring and put in the plumbing. I shoveled mulch from the chipper area and spread it over our "yard" to cut down on the dust, and carried buckets of gravel to spread on our driveway so we can get in and out when it rains. Fortunately, Dan supplemented my weary efforts by bringing backload buckets of both mulch and gravel. Currently the mulched yard is twice as big as it appears here. 
We have the Southern California desert climate, so I wouldn't put in a garden anyway; it would be non-stop work. I have potted basil plant by the door and if I skip watering it a single day, it tries to die. The larger plant near the golf cart is a gift from Ashley's yard, and is more drought resistant. Our Tailgator is tucked behind the RV where it gets southern exposure, the golf cart plugs in near the rear wheel, the jeep fits nicely in front, and smoker, chairs and table fit under the awning. 

On my walks around the area, I kept finding pretty rocks. Not useful, but pretty. Soon I had a collection, so I decided to do something with all "found" stuff. So I hauled in a tree stump and set it up in the back corner of the drive. I topped it with an owl figurine I found and painted, and trimmed the stump with watch gears. 
Then I set all the rocks in front of it, using bigger rocks for an edge. There are some minerals and fossils in there, as well as just pretty rocks. The big stuff came from Ashley's yard (Connie, the previous owner loved these) and the smaller ones came from the crushed-rock pile created by my favorite steam engine, the 1914 steam roller. The crushed rock pile looked concrete-grey until I poured water on it; then some appealing colors showed up.
It's not as clever as the Fairy House in Maine, but it's something unique for our Vista site, and appropriate enough for a desert site.

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