Unusual day for Shorty and me

This morning Shorty woke up with puffy cheeks and swollen jowls. He wasn't in any pain but something was definitely wrong, so we took him to the vet.
Shorty doesn't like going to the vet.
The vet assistant was great, but the vet was one of those who expects the worse to happen. She said it might be something simple, but the other option was a list of very bad things. She leaned towards the bad things if he had been swollen awhile, and asked us 3 times if we were "100% sure" he wasn't like this yesterday. Yes, we were sure - he spent the evening on Randy's lap, and we would have noticed. So she gave us enough prednisone for 3 days and recommended we supplement it with Benadryl. We gave him the meds when we got home and within 30 minutes the swelling was almost gone!

I had an interesting day, too. I went back to the dentist to get another old crown removed. As usual, I took a valium, got novocaine shots and had nitrous oxide. The dental work went fine and I sort of coasted through the rest of the day. I took a 2 hour nap, and got up just in time for another nice dinner at Ashley and Dan's place. To make hamburger, Randy grounds beef and bacon together, mixes it up, and forms the best burger patties ever.
Dan cooked the burgers on his grill, Ashley loaded the table with side dishes, and we finished with carrot cake. It was a great evening with Rick, Ken and Patty, too. This is a great crowd to hang out with.

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