A food day

There is not much left to do, to be ready for the weekend. Salads still need to be made, but the lettuce delivery didn't come in until this afternoon so Patty felt that we could make the salads tomorrow morning. For lunch today we got the gang together (except Ashley, who had to work) and went to Prohibition. The last time we were here, Ashley ordered the Carne Asada Fries and it looked wonderful, so I ordered that today. And it really was wonderful!
After lunch Randy got busy in the kitchen. He started by making cupcakes for Rick's birthday. Rick marches to the beat of his own drum, so Randy made purple and green cupcakes, then frosted half with chocolate frosting and half with white, and we topped them with green, purple and blue sprinkles. 
Then we got the gang back together and got Ashely to call Rick into the office, saying he was in trouble. I think we surprised him!
Randy also baked a couple of pans of pumpkin bread pudding - delicious! And later he helped cook and serve hot dogs to the people who have arrived for the weekend show. When people camp here this weekend (dry camping - no services), the welcome packet includes a ticket that gets them a hot dog, chips, drink and ice cream for just $3.
We didn't have hot dogs, though. We were still full from Prohibition and cupcakes. We drove around town looking for a little something, then came home and grazed out of our own the fridge. 

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