Fiber Arts, Clocks, Gems and Minerals

Today there were 3 events going on at the Museum. The most unusual one is the Fiber Arts Festival. Randy and I worked in the Sandwich Shop today, but I was able to walk around until the afternoon. Most of the vendors were selling yarn skeins or yarn products. They have all colors and types of yarn...
including Alpaca. Not only did they have Alpaca yarn, they also had Alpacas! These cuties were ignoring the crowds and nuzzling each other.  
Some vendors were selling knitting and sewing tools and gadgets. My favorite were the old sewing machines. These, mostly from the late 1800s, are operated with a hand-crank, and they still work.
In those days they built machines with as much emphasis on beauty as on functionality. These are gorgeous. 
Another event, the "Mini Clock Mart" was going on in the Farmhouse. Because of the small size of the building, the timepieces displayed were small, from pocket watches to lovely Mantel clocks.
In another area was the Gem and Mineral Show, a smaller version of the one that occurred here back in April. More fossils, semi-precious stones and pretty crystals, most of it desired by me.

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