2015 Antique Engine and Tractor Show - Day 4

Today was the last day of the fall show and it has been great, but we are ready for it to be over. Randy did what he has done every day of the event - run the slicer. Turkey, beef, tomatoes, anything and everything. 
Plus he helps out everywhere, while I stay over in the Sandwich shop.

The parade runs just outside the back of the Sandwich shop. I was happy to see the big Steam Roller was back in the parade; the guys who work on it are dedicated and talented. And I figured out why I love this so much; this thing's outside looks like a clock's insides.
The big crane was in the parade, too, with Connie riding in a basket again, dressed like a Halloween witch. She's a good sport, because that seat rocked quit a bit.
The crane is usually parked by us, at the edge of the grounds. It was used to build the Hoover Dam, and somehow found its way here for retirement. I didn't know it still ran. The tires are really rough.
And the cab is just as bad.
But, once again, the volunteers here can get almost anything running!

A new addition to the Fall Event is an old tornado warning horn. It makes a horrendous noise, and I love it!
Every evening someone lights the campfire just down the road from us, and a few guys gather to close the day. I haven't been down there - I'm too tired.

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