A wonderful day

Today Randy started a loaf of sourdough bread working, to be finished later in the day. Then we went to breakfast at Break Water Cafe. The omelets are good but the coffee cake is better. 
And the bathroom is fun, too!
Next: manicure and pedicure. The manicurist was disturbed about the state of my soles; wearing sandals and going barefoot for 11 months out of the year has not been good for my feet. But she made them soft and pretty again.
The manicure followed - just a regular one. I decided not to get acrylic nails again for awhile. They look great but the manicurist has to dremel off the top of my own nails to attache the fake ones. My nails have finally grown out, and I am in no hurry to mess them up again. 

Then we went to the movies, to see "The Bridge of Spies". Very good movie - I recommend it!

We went back home to let the dogs outside, and then Randy finished baking the sourdough bread. 
For dinner he put together one of the great antipasto trays that I love so much. And I discovered that any of those meats on that bread is just about as good as food gets.
And later, when I could eat again, we had carrot cake! Thank you, Randy, for a wonderful day!

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