Girl's Day Out

Today we celebrated a day off with friends! Ashley drove Patty, Lisa and me to Costco for a little shopping, and afterwards Lisa treated us to Ciao's. As we went inside, we saw our guys' truck parked across the street at the Prohibition Brewery. We made the better choice, though; Ciao's lunch buffet was absolutely perfect today. They make the best pasta, pizza, bread, plus those little sugared bread puffs. And today the group of Italian friends were there again, having lunch and singing lovely old songs in Italian. We grazed the buffet line, listened to the music, and talked and talked and talked. When we couldn't eat any more, we headed back to the Museum. These ladies are great friends, but it's sure hard to get them to pose for a picture!
We got back together again at Ashley's house, where we visited for hours, and nobody minded when I dozed off for a few minutes. The guys were outside working on the yard or machines; eventually they started thinking about dinner. We discussed going out again but decided it would be more fun to grill something here. So Dan cooked hot dogs and sausages, served with toppings and side dishes. 

Allie has adopted Ken as an honorary grandpa, and now she has another one in Leo. Here she is, getting her two guys to put her shoes and socks on.
We all sat outside and talked till 9, which is pretty late for some of us.

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