Visiting a Dentist and The Yellow Deli

Back to the dentist today, to replace a temporary crown with the real thing. Plus, just for good measure, a filling. Last trip I forgot to take the Valium that the dentist prescribed for me; this time I remembered. One last night to help me sleep, and one this morning right before the appointment. And it does help a lot. Two weeks later I will go back to get my last crown replaced - I will be so glad to get this done with!

For lunch we went to the Yellow Deli. We've tried to go three times before but it was closed; closed for Saturday, closed for Festival, and closed on Sunday. Third time was the charm. It's one of a small chain of restaurants run by a group called the Twelve Tribes. The group originated in the Jesus movement in the early 1970s, but I don't know much else about them.

They serve items like "Yellow Submarine" and "Yoga Vista Special", and their soda is something called "Real Soda"; they don't sell anything as mainstream as Coke or Pepsi. Randy ordered the Deli Lamb (probably a play-on-words of Dalai Lama), while I got turkey with Havarti cheese and "Real Diet Root Beer". Everything tasted fresh and good; we would go back. 

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