2015 Antique Engine and Tractor Show - Day 2

During the show, they start most of the engines in Steam Engine Row at the same time, mid-morning. Most of these are hit-and-miss engines; they run on a flywheel and regularly make a loud pop noise. It's a very distinctive sound. 
One area has a small train that pulls guests around. This weekend a young man was driving it; love to see young people get involved here.
Randy and I worked in the food area again today. Randy generally works with Cheeseburger Jack, while Teresa and I work with Patty in the Sandwich Shop. Today Aunt Jean came to visit the Museum, bringing one of her friends, Marshall. They had a great time looking at all the engines, most of which Marshall knows, and for a finale they got great seats to watch the parade. The parade started with the Young Marines, which now includes Lee, and closed with my favorite, the 1914 Steam Roller. What a powerhouse!

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