I got busy today

Today I made up for playing hooky yesterday. I should have worked with Rod to label clocks yesterday, so I did that this morning. Someone has donated an amazing group of clocks, and we labeled them, in a discreet corner, to identify the year, vendor and item number. 

Then I stopped by the Sandwich Shop and worked with Patty for a couple of hours. She is well organized so there wasn't much to do today.

Afterwards I watered the rose bushes again. I am trying to encourage as many blooms this weekend as possible. I quit deadheading them yesterday; I will take any blooms I can get.
Then I got caught up on laundry. There is one washer and one dryer here, and they will be needed for the kitchen towels and aprons this weekend, so I wanted to get ours out of the way. I should have done this yesterday; since I didn't, I had to get in line to use the machines today. But it all got done. 

Near the end of the day Randy and I took the golf cart out to find Dan and Ashley. We found Dan working to get a red Farmall tractor to start; it was adopted by someone years ago, and every year the guy comes to drive it in the parade. This year it didn't want to start. Randy and Dan tried push-starting it, and when that didn't work they tried pull-starting it. The John Deer that Randy was driving was the noisiest machine ever. He dragged that Farmall all the way around the camp grounds; people came out of their RVs to watch the show, but that tractor just would not start. 
It got too dark to fiddle with the tractor anymore, so we gave it up and visited with Dan, Ashley, Ken & Patty. Then, after dinner, I went over to Teresa & Jack's RV for awhile.

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