Shorty is better, and the Valley Vista Casino is nice, too

Shorty is so much better now! He's been taking his meds and is back to his usual handsome self.
And Randy has been busy - yesterday he put up a shelf where the microwave used to be. We decided to go with a small convection oven instead of a microwave. I still need to putty over the nails and stain the wood, and then it will be perfect.
But I sure didn't get it done today; today I goofed off all day. I trimmed and watered the roses this morning - they are looking good again.
For lunch, we headed out to the Valley Vista Casino. They have a buffet lunch special during October that seemed worth trying. And it was; I loaded up on avocado, artichoke hearts, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, french fries and prime rib. It's an odd combination, but I sure enjoyed it. Randy filled his plate with a bunch of things I missed, and for dessert we found chocolate cake, cookies-and-cream ice cream with chocolate sauce and bananas foster.

Then we came home for a few minutes to let the dogs out, and took off again. Randy needed new shoes and I wanted new shoes. We haven't been out shopping together for awhile - it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. 

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