RV Microwave problems

What a bad day. It started with a simple problem last night - the door on the microwave wouldn't open. We fiddled around with it, then decided, since it was late and we were tired, we would leave it alone overnight. That was a good decision but today, of course, we had to address it. And what a mess that turned out to be.

Randy read the manual and we checked online, but none of the recommended techniques worked. He tried to take the microwave down to work on it, but it would not move. The only way to get the door to open was to remove the control panel. That didn't want to come off, either, but eventually it did. 
There was a small broken piece inside, but no way to replace it without dismantling the whole thing. Randy carefully removed more pieces but it became apparent that the microwave was dead. Enough is enough - time to replace this thing. But we still could not get it out. When things are installed in RVs, regular hanging mechanisms are not enough but it's not always clear how it's done. Eventually he removed enough parts that we could see that there were two bolts in the back that attached the microwave to the cabinet above it. But there was no sign of the bolts in the cabinet, so we had to take the cabinet shelf apart to find the bolt heads. 
The microwave still would not budge. It turned out to be spot-welded to the bottom of the frame that was attached to the wall. Finally Randy was able to get it out.

Now we have a blank space to fill. There are criteria we have to work around; it has to fit a certain size and depth, it has to vent in front, and it needs to be black. 
We went to two Lowe's, two Home Depots, Sears and Sears Outlet - no dice. Costco may have an option but it's been a long, hard day and there are options to consider. I'll paint the back wall green, and we'll try again later.

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