Steampunk parts sale

Randy has been working with Dan and Leo this week, and Julienne had enough of him being gone during the day. Today she would not leave him alone. When he was standing she reached up and pawed at him, and when he sat down she was on his lap. She just needed her "Randy" time. 
So he sat with her and cuddled her until she was ready to let him go for awhile, which was good because he had things to do. Today a Steampunk group had rented our bandstand area for a Halloween party; it wasn't a Steampunk party, but we figured there would be some Steampunk organizers there, which would be a great opportunity to sell some of junk spare parts that need a good home.
Unfortunately the party was not a success - I think less than 10 people showed up, and most of those were from a Special Needs Home; they enjoyed the music but had no interest in gears. But we still sold $100 of junk spare parts, almost all of it to live-ons, workers and staff. We sat there and looked at this stuff until we started making up artsy-craftsy ways to use it, and had to have some of it.

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